latente räume

Latente Räume

Convergence Corridor

### Convergence Corridor

„Convergence Corridor“ invites you to explore the interplay of light and movement. As you walk through the artwork, your steps trigger dynamic interactions, creating moments of unexpected brilliance.

In this immersive experience, your presence shapes the environment, reflecting on the way technology influences our connections. Each step you take sends signals through the corridor, symbolizing our digital interactions. These light pulses interact in ways that mirror how we connect and clash online, raising questions about our digital footprints and the impact they have on our real-world relationships.

By engaging with the artwork, you become part of a living, breathing installation. Your movements send light pulses that meet and interact, creating a visual metaphor for our digital lives. These interactions challenge you to think about the nature of your connections—how we find community and face opposition in the digital realm, and how those interactions reflect in our physical world.

The dynamic interplay of light and movement in „Convergence Corridor“ encourages reflection on the power of technology to shape our relationships and our world. As your light signals interact and create bursts of light, consider the beauty and complexity of our interconnected lives. This installation is a celebration of the ways we come together and the tensions that can arise, inviting you to be an active participant in its narrative.

„Convergence Corridor“ is not just an artwork to observe but an experience to immerse yourself in. Your journey through the installation mirrors our journey through the digital landscape, where every interaction has the potential to lead to moments of connection or conflict. Engage with the space and see how your presence transforms it, offering a profound reflection on the dual nature of technology and its impact on our lives.